Rolloff Solar-Powered Compactor K-solar

The 10 mc K-Solar version enables an efficient collection of solid waste even in temporary situations/needs dictated by the markets, fairs, parties or communication campaigns for environmental education.

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These circumstances indeed require the positioning of a high number of bins for a limited lapse of time, with consequent higher costs and complications in performing the service.

The design, modern and attractive, provides the presence of two side conferment points and a front one for big quantities, but in alternative it is possible to have a configuration in which there is only a front hopper that is able to allow the transferring of garbage from satellite vehicles or sweepers.

Seizing the opportunities provided by the modern photovoltaic panels, more and more performing, and optimizing the energy consumption of the equipment, Ecologia Soluzione Ambiente has developed and manufactured a solar-powered two-compartment compactor, similar in performance and technical features to the electric and diesel versions.

Available in the single blade and with drawer models, K-Solar is the first and only patented equipment for garbage collection truly eco-friendly. Born for the temporary needs of the community and urban centers, K-Solar effectively fits even in industrial and productive contexts, providing a valid support to the needs of individuals and companies who are daily managing large volumes of waste, but that will not or can not support their energy costs.


Post-sales Management

Another instrumental point concerns the absence of interruptions. Waste collection cannot and should not be suspended. By the same token, it is crucial the maintenance of the highest safety conditions for both citizens and workers.

In order to guarantee continuity Ecologia Soluzione Ambiente gave rise to the tailor-made User Customer Service, a unit providing non-stop assistance through highly-specialized and updated technicians.