Tailor-Made Line

The line we called Tailor Made is aimed at showing how much our ability to carefully hear our client's needs could turn an average customer-contractor relationship into an actual partnership.

In this line, all is customized depending on the client's requests. Most important, it is done only after having shared each stage. We are able to make systems for the treatment of both urban and industrial wastewater. The Tailor Made line, due to its versatility, is a good fit for both provincial and bigger, metropolitan areas.

from 1000 to<br/>100000000 inhabitants


No technology is left aside and each is taken into account, including the implementation of one one of our standard series into more complex projects.

In these cases, no matter how big the equipment needed is big, ESA is able to shape the characteristics on a case-by-case basis.


  • Shared and aware outcome
  • Balance final product
  • Safety of the end result and possibility to check the system
  • Extremely customizable
  • Maximum saving
  • Relationship with the client set to continue over time

Post-sales Management

Another instrumental point concerns the absence of interruptions. Waste collection cannot and should not be suspended. By the same token, it is crucial the maintenance of the highest safety conditions for both citizens and workers.

In order to guarantee continuity Ecologia Soluzione Ambiente gave rise to the tailor-made User Customer Service, a unit providing non-stop assistance through highly-specialized and updated technicians.